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Register - The Fate of Jumi's Race

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1 Register - The Fate of Jumi's Race on Tue Apr 27, 2010 8:43 pm


Queen Administrator
Queen Administrator
Hello everyone, I would like to start another RP here. I took this story from a piece of Legend of Mana Game. It's called 'The Fate of Jumi Race'. For you, who haven't play Legend of Mana, let me explain a bit about this.

So, what is A 'Jumi'?

Jumi is a race of people who have valuable and reliable jewel on their chest. They can react with other Jumi / the Jumi's Jewels / cores by their cores sparkling suddenly. The jewel is very beautiful but fragile. It is a heart of Jumi. If it's scratched a little bit, it will cause damage on a Jumi. A Jumi can also lose their life if their core / jewel is taken but it's just a temporary death until it revived and cannot be destroyed. It can only be revived with special healing called 'Teardrop Crystal' by Jumi itself. So the Jumi is invincible. Grant them eternity life. But, the only 2 ranks could create them. The 'Clarius' and 'Guardian' Rank (which will be explained below). Creating Teardrop Crystal can make a Jumi damaged and often sacrifice itself for other Jumi. The Risk is just too high that cause its core falling apart. This cause the Jewel Hunter searched for Jumi's Core all long, stealing the cores of Jumi because it is very valuable.

Basically, Jumi moves in pairs. They are called Knight and Guardian. While the Knights fighting and protecting the guardian, The guardians will heal their knights if they injured in battle.

Some ranks are known inside Jumi's Race. There are:

1. Clarius
The Highest Rank of all Jumi and the most protected one. Have the most role of Jumi beings. They are the only one who could create 'Teardrop Crystals'. That cause they are called as a source of all living. During the war, they usually stay inside Bejeweled City, the City of Jumi. But when the only hope of Jumi is dissapeared, the Clarius began to search her everywhere.

2. Lucidia
The second highest rank of Jumi. They are elite knights. And always be chosen for protecting Clarius.

3. Half-Lucidia
The third rank of Jumi. They are also knights but they are only chosen for protecting the Guardian.

4. Guardian
The last rank of Jumi. They have the same ability as a Clarius. But they are more free than them. They are often being ordered to join the war. To revive the taken cores, healing the wounds of Jumi.

They also have a leader above them, the special Jumi who had 'Diamond' jewel. Also there are someone who above this Diamond Jumi.

The planning Rp's Story:
As you can see, the Jumi is invincible cause they have The Clarius and The Guardian cry for them. But one day, the Clarius and the Guardian can't cry anymore. That is really suddenly. And the Jumi began to ask each other what happened. The Jumi began to perish and almost lost in the war. Florina, the Jumi of Fluorite, the only one Clarius who could cry dissapear from her chamber inside of city when the Jumi has an urgent problem. Eventually, Diana [me] as Jumi's Leader, gave orders to find Florina no matter what. While fighting the Jewel Hunters who had taken almost all Jumi's Core. All the ranks of Jumi began searching her. You, as a Jumi will join the adventure fighting against the Jewel Hunters. And will the Jumi be able to cry again?
Registration of Rp's
Character's Name:
Character's Age:
Jumi of: [which jewel do you like]
Character's Title / Rank: [your own title]
Character's Appearance:
Character's Ability: [physical or magical or whatever do you like. Remember, the Clarius and The Guardian has 'Teardrop Crystal' ability. Skill=3 or more]
Character's Strength and Weakness:
[I will decide the Ranks for you and where you belong if there are too many people in one of ranks. Or if you have some feedback, just post here.]
We will start the Rp's if there's enough people.
I will submit my own application here Wink
Username: thha_luth
Character's Name: Diana
Character's Age: 200 years
Jumi of: Diamond
Character's Title / Rank: Snow White / Leader of the Race.
Character's Appearance: Using white, grey silk gown, has Diamond Core on her chest (mean under neck) (all Jumi has the same place for Core)
Character's Ability: She uses a staff to attack. Has affinity of Holy, Water, and Wind Magic. Has some skill that useful for fighting and defend.
- Blizzard of Alpha: The ultimate skill of Snow spell. It hits all enemies.
- Omega's Wind Barrier : The strongest barrier of wind elements.
- Ultima Deluge : create major flood Can protect a city from danger.
- Holy Light : Use holy power to defend in combat battle.
Other: Even as a leader, she always come into the mission.
Character Strengths and Weakness: She has great affinity of magic but weak in combat battle.


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2 Re: Register - The Fate of Jumi's Race on Sat May 08, 2010 5:46 pm


Child Member
Child Member
character's name: Raven
character's age: 2985 but look like a 16th year teen
Jumi of: Ruby
character's title/rank: Undead Queen
character's apperance: long black n straight hair,pale skin,wearing lolita dress,looks lazy,ruby eyes,sherpen teeth
character's ability:
-pysical: use scythe to attack, she has special scythe, her scythe can send someone to hell easily
-magical: she was go great at dark art, good spiritual divine, and revive people perfectly
-Dark Divine: dark deadly rain
-Spirit Touch: take creature's spirit and eat them
-Dark Revive: revive people perfectly with dark magic
-Nightmare: curse a creature with nightmare
-Scarlet Revolution: tranform into scarlet devil
other: she chosen to be a dreamer when she was 13, then the prietess made she immortal, n she can't died if someone stab her chest or kill her. plus she never be old...
character's strength n weakness:
-weakness: cannot healing someone
-strength: good to take creature's spirit

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3 Re: Register - The Fate of Jumi's Race on Tue May 11, 2010 5:42 pm


Queen Administrator
Queen Administrator
Same as in AM huh? Wink
I'll set up the RP later Smile


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4 Re: Register - The Fate of Jumi's Race on Sun Aug 22, 2010 9:09 pm


Child Member
Child Member
i edit et b'coz i move'em to dark side

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5 Re: Register - The Fate of Jumi's Race on Tue Aug 24, 2010 8:26 pm


Queen Administrator
Queen Administrator
We will immeditially changed this forum into roleplaying forum Smile


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