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1 Registration Sheet on Tue Aug 24, 2010 9:38 pm


Queen Administrator
Queen Administrator
Hi all. I wonder if we want to start RP immeditially, I tried to create a registration sheet. We're still under construction but you can register now while waiting. Smile


Character's Name : [Your character's name. Full name please Smile]

Character's Age : [Your character's age]

Character's Gender : [Male or Female?]

Character's Race : [Your character's race. You can see this topic for further information]

Weight / Height : ____________________

Position : [Your character's position in school. You can see this topic for further information]

Dorm : [Your class and your dorm in school. You can see this topic for further information Click]


Weapon : [Your weapon's choice]
You're free to use any weapon but not a overpower weapon or something else. You can input a picture if you want.

Ability : [Your ability]
For ability, you can tell us about your strength, etc. You're only allowed to master one type of element no more! Teacher, Professor and other staff are allowed to master 2 types of elements.

Strength : [The strength of your character]

Weakness : [The weakness of your character]

Status points : [filled it with number. See this topic for further information (still in progress)]
STR [the strength power]
DEF [the defense power]
AGI [the agility power]
VIT [the endurance of character]
INT [how strong the magic power]
DEX [defense against magic and how long you can cast a spell]
LUK [your luck points]

There's a rule for filled the status points. Each of status can be filled by 15 points for maximum and one points for minimum. For example you are a student so you have 32 points to use. Filled the status points like this : 'STR = 2', 'DEF = 15', etc. If you include race, there is an effect for your status points. The information will be included later.
This topic is the information of the status points you can use : Clickie

Appearance : [Your character appearance. You can include the picture if you want. If you use an anime character, please put who is that and from which anime.]

Personality : [Your character's personality]

History : [Before entering the school, you can tell us a bit history about your character from the beginning. Please be constructive!]

Relationship : [Do your characters has any relationship with someone? Put them here]

For the form of registration, please put it like this in the title:
[REG] Character's name_Student_Dorm
[REG] Character's name_Professor

Note : For Professor, do not filled the dorm. We don't get any registration for professor at this moment.


Well that's all! If you have any question please ask me! Maybe this form quite confused and complicated but that's how it works. For the status points, just get it blank for this moment.

Thank you very much! Very Happy

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2 Re: Registration Sheet on Mon Aug 30, 2010 7:58 pm


Queen Administrator
Queen Administrator
For the form of registration, please put it like this in the title:
[REG] Character's name_Student_Dorm
[REG] Character's name_Professor

What I mean is 'make a new topic' for registration. Please don't post here. I will locked this topic btw.

Thank you Smile


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