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[REG] Alicia Eini Leingolia_Headmaster

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1 [REG] Alicia Eini Leingolia_Headmaster on Wed Aug 25, 2010 9:01 pm


Queen Administrator
Queen Administrator
Character's Name : Alicia Eini Leingolia

Character's Age : 32

Character's Gender : Female

Character's Race : Jumi

Weight / Height : 55kg / 160cm

Position : Headmaster

Dorm : -

Teaching lessons : History of Knighthoodians, Art of Wars, Art of Healing, Art of Holiness.

Weapon : A silver sword that increase the affinity of Holy Magic

Ability : From agility and longevity, Alicia showed her above average ability. She is known as a Holy Knight that master the Holy Magic.

Strength : Speed is her weapon and she could think clearly what her enemies planning.

Weakness : Even she is quick, when she casts a spell, she couldn't move an inch, defensing herself or even attacking.

Status points : 55 points
STR 13
DEF 5 (+2)
VIT 8 (-1)
INT 12
LUK 4 (-1)

Appearance : In school, she used a long silver robe. She didn't like to use any armor. She has long blonde hair and blue eyes.

History : Alicia's history is really mysterious. She could not remember anything when questioned about it. Oddly, she's a Holy Knight, who said the job could only be obtained by the upper classes. He traveled and engaged in a war Yamagata. After the war finished and all ends with severe, the royal family of Ivallice set up a school for people of different races to prevent a war to happen again. And Alicia Eini Leingolia, who was recruited by the royal family of Ivalice when her memory loss was appointed headmaster of the school Almirth.

Relationship : -


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