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Dark angel ~ By me

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1 Dark angel ~ By me on Wed Feb 17, 2010 2:36 pm


Civilian Member
Civilian Member
Dark angel
Chapter one: Faith

The dream. It started out like all the others but more vivid then anything I've
ever seen so far. There was a woman with bleach blond hair, running for her life.
I knew this because I could see the fright in her baby blue eyes. The woman kept
looking behind her and turing pale with every step and breath she took. I noticed
she wore a red plain top with blue skinny jeans and think the woman was at least
eighteen or as far as I could tell. I heard her yell something but I couldn't make
it out. She hit a dead end like all the others had too. Then as she turned around and screamed in fear as what ever she ran from grabbed her. It was something with fur that looked more like a bear then anything but a little bit bigger with brown and black fur the color of my brother's hair. His or should i say the "beast" eyes were red all around that you knew there was no love left in that beast. All the blond headed women could say over and over was:

"Please don't kill me! Please!" she cried. And said that over and over until there was a loud click and it was all over.

I woke up shaken and sweating. I've been been having these strange dreams ever since I was ten. It's hard to shake something like that off and afterwards see that same person on the news found dead the next day. It scares me but I'm not letting any living soul know that until it gets out of hand. After sitting in my bed for a few seconds and thinking about that dream, I got up and did my normal morning stuff and went down stairs, where Jason, my 20-year-old bug brother sat in his favorite chair.

"Hey sleepy head!" He sang

"Hum? Did you say something?" I replied.

"Nothing... uh are you hungry?"

"No I'll pass." Me and jason used to be so close, but after what happened with mom and dad we drifted apart little by little until I changed. I can't understand him. He suggested we depart from Gazer-vile and stay at Richardson Academy for both of us to get new starts, but I don't want to go, plus were leaving tonight..

Before Jason could try and make me do anything, the door bell rang. I got up fast and opened the door without thinking about it twice.

"What's up little miss emo?" Tim teased. Tim was Jason's best friend. Now that we were moving Tim would be alone. I don't like him but it's hard not to feel at least a little bad for the guy.

"Nothing why?" I responded

Tim stepped into the house closing the door behind him. Tim was tall with red hair and a stupid grin always on his up turned face.

"Still emo?" He whispered to me.

"Is that why your girlfriend won't date you in front of people?... oh wait I'm sorry you don't have one." I hissed.

He acted like he was laughing and then frowned. He wondered into the living room were jason sat watching the news.

They talked a little and then Tim helped Jason put our bags into his car while I changed into Richardson's uniform and grabbed my journal hiding between my mattress.

I didn't talk the whole ride to the school from hell but I paid my dues to what Jason and Tim talked about. For so called men they were boring. I then listen to my Ipod witch was really loud. A goodbye touch for Tim to remember me.

The school was just as I thought. A huge building with campus ground down this long path or the end of that path sat each campus boys on one end girls in the other and meeting up with the path was the school. A big gary and brown building that looked like it has been hunted once in the past but is still standing tall and nice. To tell you the truth, I thought the whole building was my dream come true; it was creepy and I love creepy things. The teens walking around all looked dead and scared of something like they were forced to come to this place like me.

Jason and Tim followed me out of the car.

"I'll miss you, man!" Tim admitted to jason while slapping him on the back and giving him what he called a manly hug.

"Same here. Promise me you'll stay out of trouble?" Jason pleaded while doing that same Tim did.

"I'll miss your emoness too bud!" Tim hugged me.

I nodded and hugged back only because I knew what it felt to be hurt. I could read it in his eyes.

When we finished our good byes me and Jason watched as Tim drove back home which wasn't easy.

"I'll sign us in okay?" Jason told me while taking his bags and leaving me to carry five. The worst part about being a girl is that you don't want to leave anything behind. The outside of the school looked welcoming, positive. a place that people will really spend there time of day to learn in. But going inside the vibe changed. The school still looked welcoming but it was some kind of force that felt like it would lead to something more.

"Need some help?" someone asked while grabbing three of my five bags and leaving me with two.

I looked up to see a guy taller then I am, he had blackish brownish hair covering half of his eye, a nice friendly smile and he was even wearing the school uniform.

"ooh... yea thanks..." I replied

"No problem ... being new here sucks, trust me. I've been in the same position. Personally I hate this school so I don't blame you."

The talk wasn't helping much because I really didn't hate this school but I wondered why he hated it so much.

" Y-yea I feel the same way.. it's not like I want to be here. Is it really that bad here?

He turned an corner.

"This way.. No really as long as you have friends and you're smart. To bad I only have one of the two..."

" Well um-

"Oh how can i forget. My name is Stefan Knight and your Juliet right?"

"Uh yea but how did you-

"Here we are" He interjected. He put my bags inside my doom-room and stepped out.

"Thanks stefan that was really-" Before i could finish he was already gone, "Guess he was in a hurry.Oh well". Half of the room was full with posters and was kinda messy to begin with the other half was plain and empty. I had a room mate I'm guessing. I put my bags on my half of the room and sat on my bed. Breathing in the new school air.

"This year is going to be the worst year of my life!" I whined to my self. Afterwards I took out my Journal and opened an new page.

Dear Journal,
This is it... I'm here, I wish mom and dad were here to see I'm ok and I could see if they're ok too. Jason told me you two were gone but I would have known. You guys know jason is over-protective of everything.
I known you can't read this but we're going to be ok with without you. And don't listen to anything Tim tells you when you guys come home.

~ Love always Juliet
The book I'm writing! art one

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2 Re: Dark angel ~ By me on Wed Feb 17, 2010 2:50 pm


Queen Administrator
Queen Administrator
Wow joise!
this is really good!! I love mysteries Very Happy
I'm really looking forward to the next act Wink

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3 Thanks! on Wed Feb 17, 2010 2:56 pm


Civilian Member
Civilian Member
Thank you! Val I'll write more soon!

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4 Re: Dark angel ~ By me on Sat May 22, 2010 8:13 pm


Civilian Member
Civilian Member
I liked it too, though it seems like I have this feeling of what to expect but I haven't read the whole thing so do your best
You're so talented and awesome Joise30
Looking forward to the twist and plot

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5 Re: Dark angel ~ By me on Sun May 23, 2010 4:28 am


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Civilian Member
^_^ thank you.

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