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Rose Autumn Games Rules

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1 Rose Autumn Games Rules on Tue Feb 16, 2010 8:26 pm


Queen Administrator
Queen Administrator
Rules Credit : Snow Flower Games Forum / WinterIvyGames Forum Rules

Rose Autumn Games Forum Rules

At the Rose Autumn Games Forum, we welcome all members and invite them to enjoy their stay and play our games and the other. We welcome young and old people from anywhere and everywhere. However, to ensure that this forum stays a safe and a nice place to hang around, we have some rules which you must follow for the sake of peace.

1- No Spamming.

Spamming is bad. Please avoid double-posting, writing empty posts and being totally off-topic which is unacceptable.

If a member is seen spamming, a warning will be sent via PM and the spam posts shall be deleted immediately. If the member does not stop, the member will be sent a second warning. If the spamming continues, a banning penalty of one month shall occur.

2- No Flaming or Bad Language.
Insulting and flaming is strictly forbidden here. Negative but constructive criticism is allowed and welcome as long as it's for helping, not attacking or discouraging. Sexual language and swearing is disallowed as well, and punishments would occur.

Permanent Banishment

3- Forbidden Images.
Any images or pictures of violence or porn and those kinds of stuff shall be immediately deleted. Please know, not only older people who are here but also children will be viewing these posts.

1-month-suspension / banishment

4- No Plagiarism.
Do not post something that it isn't your own and claim it is. If you'd like to post something that was made by someone else, do so but please state who made it. If you see such a thing, please notify a moderator or an admin via PM.

5- No Public Arguments with mods or admins.
If you have a problem with an admin or a mod, please tell us via PM. Do not post topics about it or post in a completely non-related topic.

6- Do not ask someone their true name and respect their privacy.
Unless people are willing to make their real names, do not ask them and do not reveal someone else's real name. Personal chatting and the like should be carried out only via PM. Do not ask for someone's address, and do not give anyone your address.

Penalty :
1-month suspension / banishment

7- Do not ask for something that is illegal
Do not, in the forum, or on chat, ask for keys, registrations, cracks or otherwise illegal copies of games, application, etc.

Penalty : Permanent Banishment

8- No bullying / harassing
We encourage everyone to be friends in this forum.Therefore, no user shall exercise authority over another user. Please maintain friendly relations so that everyone can enjoy themselves in this forum.

Penalty :
If a user finds himself/herself being subjected to harassment, he/she should immediately PM an admin or a mod and appropriate action shall be taken.

9- No prejudice
Respect is the key-word.

Penalty : Permanent banishment.


Thank you and we hope you enjoy your time,

~ Rose Autumn Staff

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