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Glacia (Chapter One is out!)

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1 Glacia (Chapter One is out!) on Sun Feb 21, 2010 3:26 pm


Queen Administrator
Queen Administrator

Creator : CaptainRegal

Rain Garshon, the young and oblivious prince of Glacia awakes to find his wife gone from their bed. His most trusted mentor alerts him to the fact that his father the king, has been murdered. A once blessed life is now seemingly destroyed in an instant.

The one to blame his own wife, Lailah Garshon. Rain must now travel to world of Elesca searching for proof of his linage.

What he will find is something sinister waiting in his family tree. Before Rain can take back the throne he must first discover if it was his to begin with.


Rain Garshon
"The Prince of Glacia. Betrayed by his wife he must travel the world looking for proof of his linage."

Captain Gaven Carter
"Being assigned as Rain's bodyguard since Rain was born, has made them very close. Gaven has invaluable experience, and advises Rain as best he can ."

Lailah Garshon
"She takes control of Glacia through force, murdering the king. She is driven by some unknown reason."

Blaze Trofield
Origin: The Hamlet
"A soldier of Firia and Becca's husban. Blaze is dedicated to helping Rain regain his throne.

Becca Trofield
Origin:Big Flame City
"A soldier in the Firian military. She reserves fighting for a last resort. She always wants to believe the good in people and sometimes it gets her in trouble."

Spider Wessin
Origin:Flora City
"The most skilled archer in the kingdom of Flora. Loyal to a fault Spider would rather die than break a promise."

Zuko Zanthar
Origin:Big Flame City
"Second in line to the Firian Throne, Zuko has always had second best. He commands the army of Firia, he wants to be a war hero to gain some social status."

Mosh Cleaver
"While not the smartest person he is friendly. That is of course unless you insult his imaginary friend. He is the kind to attack and ask questions later."

Breeze Velver
"Breeze is a dreamer. A student trying to impress sages at the Great Temple of Air. While quite awkward she always does what she thinks is right."

Screen Shots

- Massive Game World Split Into Five Chapters.
- A Simple Alchemy System
- Random Treasure Chest Contents
- On-map Monsters
- Unique Skill Learning System Similar To LOtR The Third Age.
- A Mini Game In Each Major City.
- Completely Customizable Characters

(by creator)
KGC Script Library

Download Chapter One

NOTE : I have the permission of the creator to post the game here.


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