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Where are you from and Talk about your hometown

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Queen Administrator
Queen Administrator
Hi everyone, I'm making this thread to revive activities around here cause what I see now is just 'Forum Games' and Guild Office section who is really active Razz

Let's talk, well beginning from me....

Well, I'm from Indonesia. My hometown is in Bandung. Called by people as 'Flower City' And proud of its boutique and also called 'Shopping City' because people from other town especially Jakarta always come here to buy some new outfits on weekend. Surrounded by mountains so it's really cold and so often raining around here lol. Razz
We are also proud of its traditional arts such as Gamelan, traditional dance such as Jaipong, Peacock Dance, Kandagan, etc.

Well, see the gamelan picture here Very Happy


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The affilatEs of Rose Autumn (TERA)
The affilatEs of Rose Autumn (TERA)
I am from Romania *points under her username* Very Happy

My hometown is Iasi .Called "The City on Seven Hills" and "The city of great loves", Iasi represents the symbol of Romanian history.
Iasi (also historically referred to as Jassy or Iassy) is a city and municipality in the Moldavia region in north-eastern Romania. The city was the capital of the Principality of Moldavia from 1564 to 1859, the United Principalities of Wallachia and Moldavia between 1859-1862 and Romania between 1916-1918.

Yes, I am pretty good at history, lol.

Now, my hometown is visited for it's Orthodox Cathedral and to see historical places. The best examples are churches, build around 13th century and 15th century. During World War 1 , it used to be the capital of the country, but after we finally united, the capital is now Bucharest u.u

Plus, it's a good place to come shopping, hehe ^^ .

And for it's park, called Copou, where Mihail Eminescio used to sit and write poems Very Happy Very Happy

Some pics 8D

Culture Palace

Copou Park

And the Mitropolitan Orthodox Cathedral Very Happy

that's all hehe

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Queen Administrator
Queen Administrator
I hail from Calcutta.It's also called the "City of Joy". ^.^
Here are some pics :

An Overview

South Calcutta

Victoria Memorial

Princep Ghat

This is the Dhunuchi Naach during Durga Puja

Another moment towards the end of the festival ^.^

That's all for now Wink


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Child Member
Child Member
my hometown ish osaka,Japan
now lived at Indonesia... in indonesia ish didn't like my country much...

this ish my country:
This ish my country tradisional cloth

Then my country castel:

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Civilian Member
Civilian Member
Hiya Florei-chan
Here is Philippines, the pearl of the orients, lies southwest of Japan. Our culture is a mix of western and eastern. Very Hot climate since it lies almost at the Equador.
It is where the largest clam in the world is found called "Tridacna Gigas"

a lot of peculiar animals are found in here too. This is a tarsier, has the same size of you're palm

and.. the foods
the very creepy one is called "Balut" i remember David Cook saying that he should be able to taste that before going home lolz

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Civilian Member
Civilian Member
LOL Im from philippines too Very Happy

In aklan ^_^

at elonah: whahhaah rofl XDD balut? ahaha yucky I dont wanna taste it XD

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Child Member
Child Member
hummm now i really likey Indonesia so much! i'm so happy~ xD
in Bandung we can learn Bahasa Sunda and learn to playing gamelan btw ^_~

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