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1 Register your RP Character here! on Wed Feb 17, 2010 11:22 am


Queen Administrator
Queen Administrator
Hi all, we want to start the RP right away. So I will ask Val to save the database of all RP characters.

Please fill this information

CHARACTER ABILITIES : (please be specific)

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2 Re: Register your RP Character here! on Wed Feb 17, 2010 3:14 pm


Queen Administrator
Queen Administrator
Username : Valkyriet

Aurelia Kindrex Pendragon

Gender : Female

Race : Druid

Class/Job : Druidess of Annihilation and Mythological Creatures

Age : 240 years.Earth equivalent to 16 years.

Abilities : She posesses an enormous amount of energy in the form of love which can either save peace in the world or annihilate it completely if her heart is poisoned by war or hatred.For that reason, she separated her heart from her body ages ago and hid it in where no evil can ever touch it.This heart is in the form of a blood-red rose.
She loves peace.She is also the protector of all mythological creatures,old and new species alike.
Her weapons include Vindicator,her sword and Heartfang,her archery set.

Companion : Aodolin(phoenix)
This scarlet and golden Phoenix is synonymous with rebirth or recovery.While the Phoenix is traditionally associated mainly with rebirth - something rising from destruction to begin again, or the daily rebirth of the sun - it is also strongly connected with peace. In many tales, the bird lives only on dewdrops and never harms anything; rather its powers of healing and regeneration bring comfort and an end to suffering.
It is a stunningly beautiful bird with an entrancing song, captivating enough to make even the Sun stop to listen. If the Phoenix is injured, it can heal itself and enjoy a life span of 500 to more than 1000 years.
The powers of Aodolin:
The tendency to inspire creativity and hope with her beautiful appearance and song.
The ability to heal mortal wounds with her tears.
The ability to heal herself, either spontaneously or through cremation and rebirth.
The ability to disappear, sometimes with a flash of light or sudden blast of flame that is unlike the blaze that marks the beginning of a new life.
Magical feathers that impart special properties to other objects they are used in, such as magic wands.


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3 Re: Register your RP Character here! on Wed Feb 17, 2010 8:26 pm


The affilatEs of Rose Autumn (TERA)
The affilatEs of Rose Autumn (TERA)
Username : D.A.T
Character Name: Dattie Arlenns

Character Gender : Female
Character Race : Unknown.
Character Age : 16
Character Job : Guardian of the Mystical Moon Dust
Character Abilities : Dattie never knew her past. Her father was a Dragon Lord and her mother a Witch. So, no one knows her true race. At the first sight, Dattie seems a calm person, that could not kill a mosquito. But, when angered, her true powers are revealed. Since in her veins in a mixed blood, she can cast dark spells and murder every creature at the same time. Yet, while being calm she posses the power of healing. She was banished from her village, and became a Guardian, in order to learn how to control her
wrath. Since her star sign, Dattie is lured into mystery, where she learns everything about life and death.

Companion :

Darlene ( half demon, mixed blood between a devil and a wolf demon )


Darlene is a female half demon, that can control Darkness and Earth. Darlene met Dattie when the villagers banished her. Darlene took care of her injuries, and treated her like her own cub. She shares the same tragic destiny with her owner.

Before, Dattie and Darlene were equal, but Darlene challenged Dattie into a fight, to test her true powers. Darlene was willing to give up her liberty and to become Dattie's guardian, if defeated into a battle. Eventually, Darlene lost, and she is now a companion. She wears a collar around her neck, in order to force her powers inside. If revealed, Darlene can cause serious damage even to her owner.

Darlene's powers come from her mixed blood, and can cause Earthquakes and can swallow Sun into Darkness.

She also has the ability to understand and to speak Human, Dwarf and Elven language.

Currently, she is living with Dattie at the Moon Temple, where she wants to learn about her past and parents.

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4 Re: Register your RP Character here! on Fri Feb 19, 2010 8:09 pm


Queen Administrator
Queen Administrator
USERNAME : thha_luth
CHARACTER RACE : Nobodies (Basically a Nobody is just only a half of a person. And doesn't have any hearts.)
CHARACTER JOB : A Crimson Rose Keyblade Wielder (Keyblade Knight)
She could draw her keyblade. With it, she could release someone's hearts. She has abilities in Nature Magic. Could talk with trees and understand their feelings even she doesn't have any heart.
Nature Magic
Earth Heal : Heal someone or herself with Nature Power
Petal Dance of Roses : Draws roses petal and attack enemies


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